Friday, 27 January 2012

previous two weeks work on GTG

In these two weeks I continue my works on Google task syncing. In order to make it consistent with other backends, I break the authentication into three stage, add the pin request when authenticating. So in the first stage it will open the browser to ask for the allowance of syncing. Then the browser gives a code. After type the code in GTG and checking, finally the authentication succeed and the program start syncing.

Another thing I did is fix the task content cannot shown in google tasks problem. All the task content shows like <content></content>.
After that I did more tests on it and finally push my final version on launchpad.

Then after discussion with my mentor Luca, I got my next mission, which is write unity lens for GTG. This is really a bit challenge for me, because I didn't what unity lens is at the first time. After  a few days learning, now I have some basic ideas in my mind and found it very interesting. So in the next weeks I plan to start working on it.

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  1. This is great, I've recently started using GTG heavily, and syncing through google would be an awesome addition.

    It also just so happens that I'm heavily involved in Unity Lens development, so I would very much like to help you get started on that. Ping me on freenode (mhall119) or email me (