Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My works in the first two weeks

The first two weeks was always tough. I found myself totally have no idea about the structure and the whole progect. Luca gave me a very kindly advice, that was to start with the test. It's a good way to get familiar with the code.

As I am interested with the google task syncing, so in the first two weeks I test Madhumitha's previous work with google task.

The first difficults I encountered with was to load the google task backend. When I run the program I did not find it. Then I dig into the code and still not working. Finally from the terminal warning message I saw the problem and after load some modules. It works fine.

Then I begin with the testing. Madhumitha's code was good and lots comments makes me easy to understand. But as testing I still found some bugs, then I began fix it. The next two weeks I plan to test the google task syncing and make it ready to release.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Gnome intern begins

The GNOME Outreach Program for Women internship has now begin. I will start from making the previous work on google task sync and write the test cases in the first two weeks.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

First posting

My name is Mendy Meng, I came from a beautiful coastal city in the southeast of China. I got my bachelor degree of Computer Science in China. Then in 2010, I made a big decision that left my hometown and went to a foreign country for further education.

Sydney is really a great city where you can enjoy the multiculture life and various attractions. I make friends with people from all around the world and learn the advanced topic in the area of Information Technology. Lives in UNSW is full of challenge and happiness. After I came here I'm getting familiar with other platforms besides windows. GNOME becomes my daily working environment. It has lots of user friendly features built in, less memory usage and broder hardware compatibility.

In September, I heard about GNOME Outreach Program for Women. I start using GTG.
I asked Luca to be my mentor. At first I was really green hand, I even got confused when using launchpad to merge the code. Luca is really patient and helps me a lot. Luckily, I was accepted to be one of the participants. The coming 3 month is busy but definitely interesting, I'm glade to take the challenge and make me a good contributor.