Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My works in the first two weeks

The first two weeks was always tough. I found myself totally have no idea about the structure and the whole progect. Luca gave me a very kindly advice, that was to start with the test. It's a good way to get familiar with the code.

As I am interested with the google task syncing, so in the first two weeks I test Madhumitha's previous work with google task.

The first difficults I encountered with was to load the google task backend. When I run the program I did not find it. Then I dig into the code and still not working. Finally from the terminal warning message I saw the problem and after load some modules. It works fine.

Then I begin with the testing. Madhumitha's code was good and lots comments makes me easy to understand. But as testing I still found some bugs, then I began fix it. The next two weeks I plan to test the google task syncing and make it ready to release.

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